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If you haven't checked out our super clearance sale yet then hit the link below! https://t.co/lbAkrcI1BE… https://t.co/iZD3hBtrnV
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PART 2 - Zhik gear gets the nod! We caught up with 5th overall, line honours team Beau Geste Racing and 22nd overa… https://t.co/YFy2xl3TgB
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Zhik gear gets the nod! Zhik caught up with some star crew from last years Rolex Sydney Hobart and get their though… https://t.co/lsoJCFjtsm
Zhik P2 PFD: For faster, freer and safer movement on board @yandyfeed https://t.co/TZSLO0TcDn https://t.co/Of3jPUUWko

High Performance Sailing Wear

Clothing Manufacturer
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Tested and proven, Zhik gear is the clear winning choice of Olympic and World champions around the world. Fast wetgear products including the revolutionary T2 harness for trapeze sailors, PowerPads for hiking sailors, Superwarm Wetsuits, Microfleece, Hybrid gear and high tech footwear.

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