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Scorpion Ribs
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Check out this beautifully crafted Serket 88. Scorpion Serket models are available from 7.8m to 9.8m all with a bea… https://t.co/yuBNS58Ymi
The Silurian 1080 Twin Outboard. The ultimate #RIB. The ultimate #ChaseBoat https://t.co/agHjUHWhKY #ScorpionRIBs… https://t.co/f7Bkd1zLk7 RIB
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Scorpion RIBs are world leading manufacturers of luxury rigid inflatable boats for leisure, commercial and Superyacht clients

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We never stop moving forwards.

Scorpion RIBs design and build high quality RIBs from its base in Lymington Hampshire.

Scorpions moved the rigid inflatable boat concept from practical runabout to a genuine offshore sea boat in 1996 when we designed the first ever hull specifically for a RIB. It featured a deep V 24 degree hull and reverse chines for optimum offshore performance. And we reinvented the RIB above the waterline too, with balanced, compact tubes for better manoeuvrability, improved aesthetics and longer life.

Our new design gave our early boats a comfortable, dry ride and outstanding ability in rough conditions and earned them an impressive haul of world endurance records and racing results that are unrivalled by any other boat in their class. Over the years, all aspects of our boats’ design, build and fit-out has evolved to the point where they are widely regarded as the best RIBs in the World

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