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We love our owner's stories as much as they love their Whalers! #FeedbackFriday #Family https://t.co/a01uvzkV6C FeedbackFriday
Step aboard our #420Outrage at the Dubai International Boat Show, Feb 28 - March 4. See you there! https://t.co/C8G7qJq5zH 420Outrage
Summer kitchen option, anyone? Check out all the new #380Outrage innovative features here: https://t.co/Lj23nk6SoS https://t.co/S3Tyd3qyYk 380Outrage
Bella enjoyed #MIBS2017 as much as we did! #WaggingWhalerWednesday https://t.co/fjPcBHDatH MIBS2017
Congrats to our team for taking home 4 NMMA marketing awards and 1 product innovation award in Miami! #Whalerlife https://t.co/pnkM2F73lZ Whalerlife
Come meet our friend henry.waszczuk at our booth! He's excited to share his great fishing tales… https://t.co/5nis5ciVz1
We are proud to announce the launch of our all-new 380 Outrage! Come see it live at #MIBS2017. https://t.co/3TsG4V3TQt MIBS2017

Boston Whaler has delivered for decades what no other boat can. When boats were expected simply to float, Boston Whaler proved they could be unsinkable. Where most fishing boats lack comfort, and most pleasure boats lack fishing features,

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For more than 50 years, Boston Whaler has consistently raised standards for the boating industry with its legendary lineup (Super Sport, Montauk®, Vantage®, Dauntless®, Outrage®, and Conquest®). Delivering beyond the promise of unsinkability, Boston Whalers boast a dynamic array of features for those who love to fish, ski, or cruise, and for those who need a reliable yacht tender. We know you want the most out of your boat when you are on the water, and that's why Boston Whaler will always be dedicated to functionality, versatility, and luxury.

Ever an industry-wide innovator, Boston Whaler is proud to announce a new lineup of boats that will redefine boating. Brand-new for 2014, the Dauntless thrills as a do-it-all, fish, ski, and cruise bay boat. This family of boats features a cutting-edge approach to the timeless center-console design that delivers premium comfort, smooth maneuverability, and superior stability. Cruise with your family, tow any watersports enthusiast, or bring along fellow anglers for a quality day of fishing.

From low-maintenance, professional-grade dinghies to versatile bay boats and rugged offshore cruisers, Boston Whaler has built exactly the boat you are looking for. And once you own a Whaler, that means automatic membership to a proud, global boating community. From ocean to ocean and all the lakes in between, welcome to our family

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