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Alen Yacht

Alen Yacht
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31, Istanbul

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With a 20-year heritage in yacht design and construction, Alen Yacht has established a reputation for innovation and uncompromising quality. This has been achieved by blending traditional marine craftsmanship with ‘state-of-the-yard’ boatbuilding technology. With fastidious attention to detail, we lovingly create yachts that lead the way in both design and engineering.

Each Alen Yacht is tailor-made to meet the precise needs of its owner. All elements, from the navigation system to the cabin configuration, are individually customised. At the same time, each yacht shares similar elegant lines and timeless design features. No wonder our yachts are commissioned by those seeking a 42–68-ft craft evoking the standards of a superyacht.

To maintain this hard-earned reputation, our yard in Istanbul is awash with the most modern facilities. These include an advanced hull-engineering department and a fibre workshop with pressurised fresh air system. Importantly, we use our indoor testing pool to make sure each yacht is manufactured to the highest standards. We may be traditional artisans, but we respect 21st century innovations

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